DrugLog® Benefits


Identification of the molecule and its concentration in only 2 seconds.


Extremely user-friendly system ensuring anyone can perform a test

Simple Project

Installation and training in 2 days
No Curative maintenance necessary

Customer Satisfaction

Improvement in the speed and quality of customer service

Cost Reduction

Reduced drug wastage from ‘unknown’ wastages.”

Space Efficiency

Less than 30cm x 30cm, and weighing less than 4kg


In most hospitals the reconstitution and preparation of complex drugs takes place in centralised units typically in a controlled environment with experienced staff. When preparing intravenous drugs there are key elements that need to be taken into account:

  • accurate dose and concentration
  • sterility
  • stability
  • occupational exposure

Adhering to guidelines and recommendations is important but may not be sufficient. The preparation and administration of toxic drugs is sometimes more complex and the risk of errors and system failures could result in harmful outcome for the patient.


The prevalence of medication errors associated with drugs is not exactly known, but incorrect usage of these drugs can cause serious harm for the patients. Therefore extra measures need to be taken to ensure patient safety and prevent medication errors.

Quality assurance systems are essential in order to dispense safe and accurate medications. Validation and verification systems are becoming more widely used. DrugLog® provides real qualitative and quantitative testing that provides additional security for patients and staff.




The DrugLog can be run as a stand-alone system. Alternatively, it is possible to integrate the system with your Hospital’s IT systems. The DrugLog® can connect to the LAN and allow integration with patient data, treatment, prescribing, and other related systems.

The system is connected to the Internet via the Wi-Fi network, which allows remote access and support. It is also possible for multiple DrugLog® systems to be interconnected and allow the pooling of databases for both drug fingerprints and reporting.

The core technology behind the DrugLog® system is UV spectrometry, absorbing from 200 nm to 800 nm. This specially designed photospectrometer is combined with a highly advanced software.

Initially, a “reference” sample will be measured with a wide spectral band analysis and saved into the system. The samples requiring to be checked will then undergo the same wide spectral band analysis. The software will then remove any interference from the sample by removing the result of the “reference” to ensure a clean result.

Key Benefits

  • Speed
  • Easy
  • Simple project
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cost reduction
  • Space efficiency

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