Apo-Ident Benefits


Following a sample being placed on the system, the Apo-Ident will provide you with a result and certificate in under 20 seconds.


With over 2,000 pharmacies, across Europe using the system, and over 1,100 items in a validated database, the Apo-Ident system provides you with a proven & reliable solution.

Process Efficiency

The Apo-Ident will automate both the testing and production of documentation to ensure efficiency is maximised.

Customer Satisfaction

Apo-Ident and the associated software have been designed to be easy and quick for all users.

Cost Reduction

Reduce the cost and time of material testing, or, out-sourcing of material testing.

Space Efficiency

The Apo-Ident will automate the QC of raw materials in a footprint that is less than most laptops.


The Apo-Ident analytical system is a near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer specifically designed to analyse raw materials used in pharmaceutical compounding processes. The spectrometer is provided with the specially designed QuickStep software and an integrated, validated, regularly-updated database. 

Combined, the Apo-Ident solution provides a robust, quick and simple method by which to test your raw materials in a matter of seconds. In addition to automating the process of testing the substance, the Apo-Ident solution also produces the required documentation automatically saving further time. 

Apo-Ident has a fully validated reference database that includes evidence of robustness and 100 % specificity, traceable to certified pharmaceutical raw materials. The database is updated on a regular basis through a network connection.

The QuickStep software will compare the recorded spectrum with the required item, AND, all the reference spectra in the database before displaying the result of the identification testing.

The heart of the system is the patented scanning grating technology developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems in Dresden.

In this universally applicable MEMS- based process, substances are irradiated with near-infrared (NIR) light, which penetrates deeply into the sample. This eliminates the need for special sample preparation. In addition, the full depth of the product is tested, not just the surface. All substance-specific characteristics are reproduced in the reflected light and these can then be analysed in the spectrometer to identify the raw materials.

Apo-Ident ensures an automated, rigorous, fast and highly reproducible analytical solution to allow you to optimise your Quality Control procedures along with automated self-inspection, automated internal referencing and batch traceability.

Key Benefits:

  • Speed
  • Proven
  • Process efficiency
  • Customer Satisfaction 
  • Cost reduction 
  • Space Efficiency

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