ACS Benefits

Speed & Efficiency

A system-design which incorporates multiple simultaneous processes along with 2 independent robotics and 2 peristaltic pumps help to ensure that the ACS has been optimised for speed and efficiency.

Traceability & Visual Recognition

All items are traced and positively identified with barcode scanning, RFID scanning and OCR reading throughout the ACS.


The ACS allows you to choose which IV bags, IV bottles and elastomeric infusors you wish to use.
The ACS can operate in patient or batch production modes.

Operator Safety

Automation of the processes, and the isolator environment of the compounding area, ensure operator safety is maximised.

Patient Safety

The ACS ensures accuracy of product and dose, an aseptic compounding environment (with isolator and VHP sterilisation), and, in process checks, to ensure patient safety and speed of service are optimised.

Space Efficiency

Within the compounding unit, there are 2 independent, complimentary robotic arms, 2 reconstitution shakers and 2 peristaltic pumps, to ensure multiple simultaneous operations can occur and can occur at high speed.


The ACS has been developed in Como, Italy, to automate Aseptic Compounding processes of Intravenous (IV) products by Steriline Robotics. The ACS system has been designed to compound items in an isolator (class ISO 4.8, class A) environment with VHP sterilisation, thus guaranteeing production in a controlled atmosphere and allowing the system to be installed into an ISO 8 background environment.

Furthermore, the ACS has been designed to meet the requirements of Annex 1 of the EU Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and USP 797 Pharmaceutical Compounding – Sterile Preparations.

The system can allow loading/unloading, sterilisation and compounding to all be performed simultaneously ensuring process optimisation. Within the compounding unit, there are two independent and complimentary robotic arms (as well as 2 peristaltic pumps) to ensure multiple simultaneous operations can occur and can occur at high speed. 

The ACS uses a sophisticated but easy-to-use software in combination with RFID tracing, barcode-scanning, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and gravimetric control to optimise efficiency and ensure accuracy and traceability. The ACS can operate in single dose or batch mode, positive or negative pressure, and, pre-planning or just-in-time production modes. 

Key Benefits:

  • Speed & Efficiency
  • Traceability & Visual Recognition
  • Flexibility
  • Operator Safety
  • Patient Safety
  • Space Efficiency


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